Thursday, December 19, 2013

San Jose Del Cabo

Visiting neighbors in San Jose del Cabo - When we started planning our sail to Mexico, our neighbors in Redwood City told us we should visit them since they were building a house near Cabo San Lucas. So our first stop after Cabo was in San Jose del Cabo, just 20 miles up the coast.  As you can see in the marina photo below, it's a beautiful spot.

Puerto Los Cabos

Onagh & Bill were welcoming and generous hosts, not only to us, but to some of the other Ha-Ha cruisers. Onagh spends her time working at a two foundations that support children in the local community.

Katie, Bill & Onagh

They call their home Casa Kokomo. I asked why and they said when they were first married they enjoyed the Beach Boys song and hoped one day to have their own Kokomo … "We'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow, that's where we wanna go, way down in Kokomo."

Relaxing at Casa Kokomo

Bill took us on a ride up the coast to Punta Gorda to see the sights. He really enjoys driving "Wild Willy" - his dune buggy, on the sand as fast as it will go. We only got stuck in the soft sand once.

Wild ride to Punta Gorda

There were a few houses on the beach, but it was mostly deserted and beautiful as we rode up the coast.

Crowded beach

The cape and the east coast of Baja are known for excellent sport fishing, so Bill and I went out for a day to try our luck.  Here Bill is bringing in a large dorado that Kathryn and I enjoyed for 3 dinners onboard.

Bill reeling in a dorado

I've been fishing since I was 5 years old with my grandfather and my dad. In recent years it has been using ultralight tackle for trout on backpacking trips. Catch fish or not, its always fun just being out there. So I was shocked to see a marlin doing a series of leaps behind our boat. Bill said, "you're up" and wow, what an amazing experience!  I never thought I would catch a billfish and this striped marlin was pretty big, especially for a first-timer.  It was quite an exciting day for me. Unfortunately, we weren't able to revive and release it, but the skipper and mate were able to feed their families quite a few meals.

Robin's striped marlin on No Big Deal

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