Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Memorial Day - Golden Gate Bridge Anniversary

Sequoia Yacht Club did a cruise-out to Sausalito over Memorial Day.  It was a busy weekend on the bay since Memorial Day coincided with the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge.  

Kathryn & Lynn with USS Iowa in the background

USS Iowa being towed out of the bay to Southern California

As exciting as it was to see a retired battleship on the bay on Saturday, Sunday was even more interesting.  We planned to sail to Angel Island and drop the hook for a lunch stop, but I saw Oracle's familiar black AC45 sail heading our way, so we stayed and sailed just east of the Golden Gate Bridge.  This time they were flying a special wing to celebrate -  "Happy 75th Anniversary".

The AC45's made their appearance with a special 75th Anniversary wing

Another nice surprise was the Jeremiah O'Brien also showing up for the celebration

We were about to head over to Angel Island again for lunch, but I saw an unusual target on AIS at the entrance to the ship channel.  I had to do a double take, but AIS said the boat, "Vessel 68", was 1198' long with a 230' beam, which must be an aircraft carrier!  Sure enough, about 40 minutes later the USS Nimitz passed under the bridge with sailors lining the entire length of the carrier.  It was quite a memorable Memorial Day!

USS Nimitz
Memorial Day on the Bay

The party continued that evening.  At 9:30 amazing fireworks were displayed on the Golden Gate Bridge and along Crissy Field.

Fireworks waterfall on the Golden Gate Bridge

Grand Finale on the Bridge

In Black &  White

We didn't have far to go to get home this weekend.  We now have a temporary slip in Sausalito.  We're next to the end tie with a great view of Richardson Bay and San Francisco ... and with great new neighbors, too!

Our new temporary slip in Sausalito

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