Sunday, May 13, 2012

Visitors from Home

Kathryn's sister, Lynn, and Lynn's husband, Thom, visited us in Ensenada in January.  As soon as we arrived we sailed out toward Punta Banda to look for whales.  We saw one whale spouting off in the distance, and we enjoyed a warm, sunny afternoon sail.

Agave Azul sailing off Punta Banda

Thom, Lynn & Kathryn - Ensenada Harbor

Shopping stalls on the Malecón

One tourist stop we really enjoyed was the cultural center in Ensenada.  This was originally opened as Hotel Playa Ensenada with a popular casino, Riviera del Pacifico.  

Museo de Historia de Ensenada

On opening night in 1929, Bing Crosby and the Xavier Cugat Orchestra entertained the crowd.  A local singer named Margarita Carmen Cansino joined the orchestra—and later changed her name to Rita Hayworth.  

Mural over the Riviera del Pacifico bar

The resort thrived for a few years until the repeal of Prohibition and the onset of the Great Depression sent most of the gamblers home.  Management tried reopening the hotel as the Riviera del Pacífico, but by 1938, the doors had closed for good.  It now houses the Museo de Historia de Ensenada.

One afternoon when we were returning to our slip we were surprised to see our friends from Westpoint Harbor in Redwood City, Lee and Serena, waiting on the dock to help us with our lines.  Their boat, Solent, was just a few slips away from ours in Redwood City and is just a few slips away here at Marina Coral.  We celebrated their arrival with Lynn and Thom, Serena's sister, Katie, and Katie's husband, Lewis.  The foursome have taken a year off and are headed to the South Pacific.  You can follow their progress at 

Serena, Katie, Lee & Lewis

Celebrating Solent's arrival with Agave Azul margaritas!

After Kathryn, Lynn and Thom returned to San Diego to fly home, I took Lee & Serena and Katie & Lewis to a few of my favorite fish taco spots.

Tacos Don Zefe

El Chopippo

A couple parting shots from Ensenada.

Standing Watch

Sunset at the Hotel Coral Pool

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  1. Robin, Kathryn . . excellent site. thank you so much for sharing. You could post a historical sub-set and include those wonderful photos of New Zealand. Who wouldn't enjoy seeing a tropical parrot framed by what looks like a Norwegian fjord? Be well. Brucimus Maximus (Bruce)